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The goal of HROS is to move the field of HR forward by supporting practitioners to become more innovative and impactful in their roles. Each case study features a company willing to open their playbook on a specific HR or recruiting initiative, sharing their work to advance the conversation and the profession.

They can be informative, educational, or inspirational. Often they’re all three, but either way, they’re designed to stop talking about theory and showcase the organizations getting innovative HR and recruiting right in practice.

Want to open up your playbook to share your work and help your peers? Click below to complete a brief suvey and help us better understand your initiative.
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Consent for HROS to Use Content

First, thank you for contributing your case study to HR Open Source (HROS). It is a powerful way for us to drive education and innovation to accelerate learning and capabilities in the field of HR and Recruiting.

Because we are publishing your content publicly, we (and our attorneys) want to make sure HROS has permission to use your words, images, names and pictures of people, graphics, videos, your company logo, all that data you provided to us, and your story. So please read this carefully before you sign it.

In legal language, when you sign this document you are giving HROS an unlimited, irrevocable license to use all the content you sent us. The license just lets us use your stuff. You still own it, but we get to use it however we want. The irrevocable part means that you can’t take back your permission once you give it.

So if there is something you are not sure about having published or don’t want us to use, please make that clear to us. Once you sign this document, we get to assume that it’s okay to use and publish anything you have provided to us.

Copyright Permissions.  You are also giving us a legal right to use content that you or others own the copyright to. By giving us permission, we won’t violate your copyright. If you have sent us material (often photographs or graphics) created by people other than you or your employees, please make sure that you and we have the rights to use them. If not, please let us know because we will assume you have the rights and authority to let us use everything you sent us.

Use of Name and Likeness. If you have included pictures of people, or images taken inside private property, or the names of people, you are giving us permission to publish their names and likenesses. We ask you to check with them first and not include any material that is not okay for us to publish.

No Trade Secrets. You also give us permission to publish all the data and information about your company that you provided to us and agree that nothing in that information is confidential or a trade secret that someone will get really mad about or sue us over if we publish it.

Release. And last, (the lawyers’ favorite part), you agree that you will not sue us for publishing your content and you release us from liability for copyright violation, misuse of name and likeness, misappropriation of trade secrets, trade libel, defamation, and all other causes of action arising out of our use of the content you provided to us, including any weird or creative ones we haven’t listed here.

Consideration. In return, HROS grants you an unlimited, irrevocable license to use the HROS case study about you and any or all of the information in it as long as you include a link back to the HROS published version. (We want people to learn about us and the web traffic is helpful too.) Additional consideration is our work in creating the templates, the final published versions, and the promotion of your company and story by HROS.

We love working with you and telling your story, and we believe it will help others and our industry. Thank you for being part of our mission and working with us. And yes, you are about to sign a legal document that includes the word Love. Because we believe we can make things different.

We agree to the above.
Thank you for your submission, {{answer_iKuOVDGheqZm}}!

The HROS Content Team will review and be in touch regarding next steps in the coming weeks.
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